Welcome to TestMyPlan


The emergency and incident management preparedness platform, that gives you the ability to prepare against all incidents that could adversely impact your organization.

  • Facilities – Fire, floods, other natural disasters, human error, intentional acts of vandalism or theft 
  • Health, Safety & Environment – Falls, exposure, radiation, thermal hazard, 
  • Data Breach – Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Sensitive Personal Information (SPI)
  • Cyber Security – Ransomware, phishing, DDOS, hacking, website defacing etc
  • Technology Service Continuity – Backup failure, DB failure, Utility outages, Hardware failure 
  • Business Continuity – Contractual / Regulatory / Legal Breach Revenue Loss etc

1. Ready to execute

Ready to use industry best practices to execute testing plans for various emergencies, incidents, crisis scenarios, that can have adverse impacts on an organization.

2. Dependency management
Know and be in control of all the dependencies that are mandatory or required and the dependency owners who are finally accountable for their administration and management.

3. Metrics

What you cannot measure, you cannot control. Get metrics on testing,  user responses. team responses, team preparedness.

4. User and team management
Pre-loaded, industry best practice emergency response, incident management, crisis management teams. Understand  responsibilities for the exact task to be executed!

5. Meet regulatory requirements

Meet regulatory requirements, standard compliance specific to your context, region, country using the platform .

6. Reporting
Generate reports on various aspects of a testing plan meeting the ISO  22300 series. Get an overview or dig deeper to pinpoint gaps to fix and  mature processes.