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Phishing is the predominant attack method used by cybercriminals to steal account data and carry out online fraud. Digital channels such as social media and mobile apps are increasingly becoming the attack of choice.

Ingressum utilizes world-class phishing detection capabilities that combine automated high-volume data processing with human expertise to identify phishing attacks targeting our clients brands.

Ingressum focuses not only on the removal of the phishing site, but a process to dismantle the cyber criminal ecosystems to make it difficult for it to re-initiate again.
Anti Phishing services.

Supported by a thriving underground ecosystem, cybercriminals can easily stage, launch and profit from phishing attacks targeting businesses and their customers.

Phishing Protect

Malware is utilized by cyber criminals to take over online accounts in turn enabling the theft of billions of dollars every year. 
Ingressum has an aggressive strategy that effectively protects against Malware attacks. We detect, analyze and proactively dismantle the systems and illicit services used to carry out Malware attacks. 

Malware Protect

Criminals are deploying malicious fake mobile Apps with the objective of stealing credentials and eventually funds from the owner’s banking accounts.

Ingressum actively monitors official and unofficial application repositories, performing in-depth analysis of ALL mobile apps targeting your brand to determine their true intent and risk to your organisation.

Fake Mobile App Protect

Organisation use social media to communicate with their customers. The ease at which social media profiles can be created has introduced a new security challenge to both consumers and organisations, 

​Ingressum performs proprietary monitoring of the social media spectrum searching for profile impersonations for both consumers and organisations.

Fake Social Media Protect

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