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How to Prevent Your Domains from Being Used for Spoofing Attacks

25th August@10am Manila time

Vincent Choy

Microsoft MVP

Costas Lokos

Ingressum VP

Join our e-Workshop to discuss about spoofing attacks and how you can prevent them

You are invited to join our e-Workshop to discuss spoofing attacks on August 25th, 2020 @ 10.00 am.


Cyber-Criminals can launch spoofing attacks not only on your own company staff, but also at your suppliers, customers and even the general public. A business looking email, launched from a mail server with a neutral reputation, is very hard for anti-phishing/ anti-spam products to identify, unless you have properly set up sender authentication, or DMARC (with SPF and DKIM) for your Domain.


Unfortunately for most companies in the Philippines, many have not set up DMARC, and the few that have, many have done it incorrectly, and thus still exposing the company to potential domain impersonation.


However, how does this framework function? How well does it prevent Spoofing? What’s the right way of implementing it? 


We have invited Con Lokos, VP of Ingressum Global to deliver this talk. He has vast experience on how to correctly use DMARC to protect an organization's domain from being used by cyber criminals, and we are very honored to have him share his knowledge.


Together with our event guest speaker and senior consultant and Microsoft MVP Vincent Choy.

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