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Companies use Ingressum to rapidly and accurately deploy DMARC, improving email delivery, combating fraud, and the ability to monitor domain-wide usage of their email domains. Powered by dmarcian ©, Ingressum stops fraud and phishnig by rejecting illegitimate usage of your email domains.

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Safeguard your email

Identify and control how your email domains are being used.

Ensure vendor and partner compliance with your policy.
DMARC allows you to stop fraud by isolating and rejecting illegitimate email directed at your organisation or customers.

​Enterprise spear phishing, "CEO fraud" and basic phishing crime make use of your email domain.

Successful email delivery

DMARC makes email easy to identify, and process with email delivery assured.

World's top email receivers such as Google, Yahoo, and Outlook prefer DMARC-compliant email. These providers are the front line in protecting your email domains.

Your reputation as a sender builds on DMARC-authenticated domains.

Protect your users and customers

Industrial strength security for your email domains. DMARC records instruct receivers to report, reject and quarantine unauthorized use of your email domains.

Force cyber criminals out of your email channel. Protect your email domains and your users from fraud using DMARC.

​Easily deploy DMARC using free tools, expert support, and continuous monitoring.

DMARC for O365

DMARC for Gmail

DMARC for OnPremise Email

DMARC Compliant Appliances and Cloud Services Providers include :

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