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DMARC Compliance
Protect your employees and your customers from fake emails using your domains.
Email spoofing, CEO email abuse, Business Email Compromise, spear phishing ?

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Ingressum provides a comprehensive suite of services to maintain the security of your organisation, internal users and your external customers including protection of your digital brands.
"Before you begin your journey, you must first know where you are ! "


Enterprise wide Assessment services are an important initial step in determining your organisation's security risk profile to determine control weaknesses or gaps  across people, processes and technology.


A comprehensive suite of services to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks, providing solutions for:

  • Email domain spoofing

  • DMARC compliance

  • "CEO fraud" attacks

  • Phishing protection and online fraud

  • Mobile App analysis

  • Bad BOT Monitoring and Protection


Take action to remove the threat, quickly and effectively !

24/7/365 Expert review and action.
​Remote and Onsite Support

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